USC Upstate offering exciting new program for child protection professionals!

Beginning this fall, USC Upstate is offering a Certificate Program in Child Advocacy Studies designed for professionals already working in the child protection field and who wish to develop greater knowledge and skills.  The program is also open to those who are preparing for a career in this area.  According to Dr. Jennifer Parker, this […]

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Protect your children from online “Sextortion”

The headline reads, ‘Sextortion’  A crime against Children.  Pretending to be teens, on-line predators are luring teens to become “friends” and then they entice them….sometimes with promises of cell phones or clothes… send lewd photos of themselves.  Once this cycle begins there is the demand for “more or else.”   The victims….usually girls….are told that if […]

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If your child is going to camp….

If your child is going to camp this summer, please ask the camp directors what procedures they have in place to keep the campers safe from sexual abuse.  Don’t be shy.  Ask specific questions about supervision of children by adults remembering that one-on-one opportunities are when abuse is mostly likely to occur.  Ask about any […]

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