What to ask when looking for a youth organization for your child!

Darkness to Light offers some good tips when looking for a youth serving organization for your child! 

1.  BE PROACTIVE and ask the right questions when you are evaluating youth serving organization options. Ask questions, even though it may feel uncomfortable.

2.  How Are Employees and Volunteers Screened?

3.  CAREFUL SCREENING AND SELECTION of potential employees and volunteers is not convenient […]

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Trauma Sensitive Schools

Many students come to school having experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s). These experiences include abuse of all forms as well as domestic violence, mentally ill caregivers, homelessness, and other family stressors.

Schools are beginning to understand that they must be aware of and sensitive to the ACE’s that children bring into the classroom. These “outside of […]

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month!

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month! Remember that for every adult that is educated ten kids are made safer!

Please support the efforts of centers in the Upstate…..

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