Op-Ed in the Greenville News….Prevention is key!

My op-ed was published in the Greenville News on Sunday, April 13.  Here’s the piece…

In May 1973, I was finishing my first year as a school counselor in a large Upstate junior high when a 14-year-old honor roll student came into my office the last week of school and said, “I cannot go home! I […]

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80% of sexual abuse occurs in one-on-one situations

According to Darkness to Light, more than 80% of sexual abuse cases occur in one adult/one child situations.

A call to action:  Reduce the risk by minimizing one-on-one adult/child situations.  Abusers work to gain access building both your trust and the trust of your children.  Abusers are usually known to you rather than strangers.  […]

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