Tips for Keeping Kids Safe!

Here are some tips from Stop It Now!

The most effective prevention happens before a child is harmed. Kids are immediately safer when parents and caregivers take the time to learn about sexual abuse and its warning signs. Parents and caregivers who make a commitment to speak up as soon as they have a concern, instead […]

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Pendleton Place for Children and Families offers important services!

Pendleton Place for Children and Families in Greenville, South Carolina, offers a number of services to our community.  One very vital service is the Family and Child Assessment Center.

The Family and Child Assessment Center (FCAC) is a collaborative effort led by Pendleton Place, Greenville County Department of Social Services, Greenville Hospital System Children’s Hospital and […]

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Keeping Kids Safe!

Here are some safety tips for parents and caregivers from Darkness to Light

 Talk openly with children.

  • Talking about boundaries and sex forges a protective bond between parent and child, and instills knowledge that makes children and teens less vulnerable. Other adults in the child’s life can find ways to teach sexual and body safety as […]
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The Parenting Place offers support services to Upstate families!

The Parenting Place located between Easley and Pickens in Upstate South Carolina is in partnership with the Children’s Trust of South Carolina.  They offer services that support Upstate parents and families.  Services include….


​Free, voluntary, weekly home visitation services using the research-based Healthy Families America model, helping young mothers have a safe, healthy […]

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Grooming! The beginning of abuse.

I am passing along information that was posted in a recent blog from Darkness to Light  They talk about the grooming behaviors that many perpetrators use.  Grooming is exactly what it implies…..building trust with the child and sometimes with family members in order to gain access to the child and create opportunities for […]

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Survivors Finding Voice Project seeks survivor stories

Thanks to a second individual artist grant from the Metropolitan Arts Council (Greenville, SC), I will be working on the next series of ten survivor story panels.  The original MAC grant and support from wonderful community sponsors and individuals gave me the opportunity to create the original 13 story panels to help raise awareness.  And […]

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Protect your children from online “Sextortion”

The headline reads, ‘Sextortion’  A crime against Children.  Pretending to be teens, on-line predators are luring teens to become “friends” and then they entice them….sometimes with promises of cell phones or clothes… send lewd photos of themselves.  Once this cycle begins there is the demand for “more or else.”   The victims….usually girls….are told that if […]

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If your child is going to camp….

If your child is going to camp this summer, please ask the camp directors what procedures they have in place to keep the campers safe from sexual abuse.  Don’t be shy.  Ask specific questions about supervision of children by adults remembering that one-on-one opportunities are when abuse is mostly likely to occur.  Ask about any […]

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Pediatricians being called on to intervene in childhood toxic stress!

The following is part of an abstract from Pediatrics 2013 entitled “The Science of Early Life Toxic Stress for Pediatric Practice and Advocacy”

Young children who experience toxic stress are at high risk for a number of health outcomes in adulthood, including cardiovascular disease, cancers, asthma, and depression.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently called […]

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