What to ask when looking for a youth organization for your child!

Darkness to Light offers some good tips when looking for a youth serving organization for your child! 

1.  BE PROACTIVE and ask the right questions when you are evaluating youth serving organization options. Ask questions, even though it may feel uncomfortable.

2.  How Are Employees and Volunteers Screened?

3.  CAREFUL SCREENING AND SELECTION of potential employees and volunteers is not convenient […]

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Protect your children from online “Sextortion”

The headline reads, ‘Sextortion’  A crime against Children.  Pretending to be teens, on-line predators are luring teens to become “friends” and then they entice them….sometimes with promises of cell phones or clothes…..to send lewd photos of themselves.  Once this cycle begins there is the demand for “more or else.”   The victims….usually girls….are told that if […]

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No Secrets!

One of the story panels from the Finding Voice project tells a survivor story with the line, “The word ‘secret’ makes my blood run cold.”  Abusers frequently make secret keeping one of the ways they ensnare a child in the abuse.  “This is our little secret.”  “I have brought you this little surprise treat now […]

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