Pendleton Place for Children and Families in Greenville, South Carolina, offers a number of services to our community.  One very vital service is the Family and Child Assessment Center.

The Family and Child Assessment Center (FCAC) is a collaborative effort led by Pendleton Place, Greenville County Department of Social Services, Greenville Hospital System Children’s Hospital and the United Way of Greenville County that provides comprehensive assessments to children and families entering the foster care system in Greenville County. 

The FCAC uses a unique approach that evaluates the child(ren), parents/caregivers, and the family unit as a whole.  Adults are assessed in areas needed for a safe, stable, nurturing and thriving family. Children are assessed using a comprehensive, holistic approach to determine the level and type of services they will need to ensure that their medical, developmental and psychological needs are met while in the custody of DSS. The overarching goal of the FCAC is to utilize comprehensive, collaborative assessments to identify the root cause of a child’s removal from the home, identify services that would benefit the family, and create a long-term plan that will increase permanency and overall well-being for the children.

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