Darkness to Light offers some good tips when looking for a youth serving organization for your child! 

1.  BE PROACTIVE and ask the right questions when you are evaluating youth serving organization options. Ask questions, even though it may feel uncomfortable.

2.  How Are Employees and Volunteers Screened?

3.  CAREFUL SCREENING AND SELECTION of potential employees and volunteers is not convenient or easy, but it will ensure that the most qualified candidates are hired. Pre-employment screening should evaluate the candidate’s qualifications, personal and professional background.

4.  CANDIDATES SHOULD BE SCREENED in a variety of ways. Each candidate should complete an in depth application, list personal and professional references, submit to a criminal background check and complete an interview.

Remember that most pedophiles are never caught or prosecuted. Proper screening will close the many cracks that a perpetrator could slip through.

Do not accept excuses. “We know and trust our staff well…” or “We do not have the time or money to screen…” simply are not acceptable answers. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Tell the service providers, “I simply do not want any adult who has not been properly screened caring for my child.”

Important Questions You Can Ask:

  • “How are your staff and volunteers selected?”
  • “How are applicants screened before they are hired?”
  • “Do you check each applicant’s personal and professional references? What is the process?”

For more information:  www.d2l.org